Unique wines, special select aions, limited productions

This is the range of wines made with selected grapes from our best vines.

Their difference lies in the geography and the fact that they are restricted to a limited area.

When we find a vine with a pronounced difference, we know that in order to obtain its full potential, the grapes require distinct treatment, which is why we assign them to the TANCA range, a space to create unique wines with a strong Binifadet accent.

Limited productions, based on specific selections from vines with extraordinary features. All this with a special treatment that brings out and enhances their charisma, is what results in our TANCA range wines.

 Oaked white 2016

100% Chardonnay

75 cl. 13% vol.


Preparation: fermentation in French oak barrels and resting on lees for 9 months in the barrel itself. 9 months’ ageing in the bottle.


Bright yellow colour. Intense yet elegant aroma with hints of ripe stoned fruit, typical of the Chadonnay variety of our plot 12, together with the sweet and toasted spices of French wood. It is powerful, dense and tasty on the palate, with enough structure to be paired with both light and rich dishes. A complex and expressive wine that shows all its nuances and potential the longer it is in the glass.

2016 vintage

Merlot & Syrah

75 cl. 13% vol.

Made with selected grapes from the oldest Merlot plot and the youngest Syrah plot.


Preparation: Fermentation at 23°C in stainless steel. Malolactic fermentation in stainless steel. Aged for 12 months in French oak barrels and 1 year in the bottle.


Medium deep bright cherry colour. Subtle and very balsamic aroma. At first, mountain herbs appear together with the nuances of its ageing in oak, along with vanilla and dark chocolate. The fruit appears in the background and then settles after a few minutes in the glass. It is pleasant, elegant and silky on the palate.

Red wine made with red grapes from two of our best vineyards (Sant Saturní Vineyard and Plot 32).

2018 vintage

100% Merlot

75 cl. 12,5% vol.

Made with selected grapes from plot 13, chosen for being the most suitable to produce such a subtle and elegant wine as this.


Preparation: fermentation in French oak barrels. Resting on lees for 5 months in the barrel itself. Cold stabilization to avoid precipitation. No malolactic fermentation. 5 months’ ageing in the bottle.


Salmon pink colour. The bouquet is light and perfumed, combining the aromas of dried flowers and red fruits of the forest with spicy nuances (vanilla and cream) typical of its ageing in French oak barrels. The aftertaste is long and persistent, with a predominance of fruity and creamy aromas.

An elegant and subtle rosé with body and structure, ideal for the most daring palates.