Binifadet is more than just a winery; it is a lifelong family project

We have taken what we love –the countryside and the Menorcan way of life– and turned it into a long-term project in which, year by year, we accumulate experiences around the art and culture of winemaking, which we invite you to share.

Everything starts with an idea…

…the one Carlos Anglés had in 1979 when he planted the first vines at his home and began to make wine for his family and friends. That was the embryo of what, years later, would become Binifadet; a lifelong project that began to take shape with the purchase of the land of the same name in 2001, on which the varieties already used with success would be planted.

In 2004, the winery opened to the public and began to share the dream of recovering the winemaking tradition of Menorca and, at the same time, speak of all the magic of the island.

Essence of the project


One of the values ​​that was part of the essence of the project from the outset was the recovery of the winegrowing tradition and the production of wines with personality that characterized the land that produced them: Menorca.

Its location in the Mediterranean made the island a strategic stop-off point, and the wine was already a valued asset in Roman and Phoenician times and continued to be so later during the British domination of the 18th century; after which the large vineyard plantations were probably lost due to lack of demand.


From the outset, we knew that it was essential to open the doors to knowledge and collaboration. Our aim has always been to learn from all the professionals from different fields who have inspired us and who, over the years, have become great friends.

Professionals, suppliers, customers, friends and all those who are or have been part of our staff, make up the Binifadet family, and there is nothing in which we have greater faith than in the family.

From wine to experience

We strive to perfect our wines year after year so that they transmit everything the land and light of Menorca give to us and our vineyards, but our idea is also to contribute to:

The dissemination of Menorcan wine:

From the outset, we have done out best to sell our wines outside the island. Therefore, we strive to improve the wines in order to be competitive. We sell in Spain –Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza as well as Madrid and Barcelona– and outside Spain, in UK, Puerto Rico, Belgium and Germany.

Raising awareness of rural Menorca

Perhaps less well-known but of which we consider ourselves authentic ambassadors.

Making the customer feel involved the project

Participating in the Binifadet experience, getting to know the estate, the winery, its team, tasting our wines and their combination with the market cuisine we offer in our terrace.

And always striving to learn and improve…


Binifadet is a living project, always open to new ideas: incorporating new techniques in the production of our wines and offering experiences to give the customer an unforgettable time in Binifadet.

Moreover, we continue working to promote Menorcan wine outside our borders, being proud ambassadors of our land.