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Menorca, wine country

Menorca's winegrowing history dates back to the Phoenician era. The island's Mediterranean climate creates very specific conditions that make it cooler than the other islands in the Balearic archipelago, which helps produce fresher, more aromatic, lighter and more delicate wines. What's more, the calcareous subsoil, with its layer of red clay soil, is similar to the terroir of some of the best wine-growing regions in the world.



We intervene as little as possible in the production of these wines, which showcase the minerality, freshness and smoothness added by the north Tramuntana wind and calcareous marès subsoil. Delicate and refined but with plenty of character.

They are Binifadet's hallmark.



Wines made with grapes selected from our best tanques, which is what we call each plot of land in Menorca. These wines pursue the maximum expression of the Menorcan terroir, whose production processes enhance the complexity and capacity for evolution in each bottle. Limited production.




It is a very Mediterranean one.

It adores the simple things, but not the boring things in life. It enjoys the sun and the sea and represents one of the greatest gifts we are so proud to share: our vivacious and carefree lifestyle. An easy wine, and the perfect company for wonderful moments by the sea.




Our orange wine. A 100% Chardonnay white wine fermented in earthenware jars with the grape skins and pips. It leaves a lasting impression on anyone lucky enough to taste it. A very special wine with an intense colour and a powerful flavour.




Buri is an homage to know-how, but above all, to knowing how to be. Unique and delicate sparkling wine, with fine bubbles and a balanced flavour made using the traditional method, which commemorates and underscores the importance of family legacy.



Toasting is the new greating

Bodegas Binifadet is a full experience in Menorcan wine culture.

Our family-run winery is more than 40 years old

In 1979, the Anglés family planted some 40 varieties of vines in order to see how they would fair and which vines would adapt best to Menorca's climate. After years of working to produce wine for the family and building a new winery, we launched our first wines on the market in May 2004 and the winery opened its doors to the public, with guided tours and wine tastings. The business grew again in 2011 as we began to offer our guests gastronomic experiences.

​The winery and vineyards are located in the town of Sant Lluìs, in the southeast of the island. The vineyards are divided into multiple mini plots, or tanques, which are protected from the Tramuntana wind by dry stone walls, a characteristic feature of the Menorcan countryside.

Connect with the Menorcan countryside with a glass of wine in your hand. Take a walk around the vineyards. Visit our wineries and learn how we produce our wines. Uncork a bottle and allow yourself to be blown away. Discover the island's gastronomy under the shade of our vines.  

A full experience in Menorcan wine country. It's wine time.


We are part of

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This Menorcan company focuses on local businesses and aims to create spaces where the natural world, gastronomy and production exist in perfect harmony. 


We manage emblematic venues that represent Menorca and the three aspects that we believe make it unique: the land, sea and culture.

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